AvePro AveWire System


AvePro Wire Specifications | Installer Catalogue

AVEPRO Wire System is a discreet, versatile and durable deterrent for pigeons and larger pest birds. The product is ideal for use on exposed roof ridges, window ledges, parapets, pipes and other narrow architectural features. AVEPRO Wire System is manufactured from nylon coated stainless steel wire tensioned by stainless steel springs between stainless steel posts of various configurations.

Exposed roof ridges, window ledges, parapets, pipes and other narrow architectural features on retail, tourism, hospitality, office and historic buildings

Light, do not use where pigeons are nesting

Pigeons, crows, seagulls and other large pest birds

Smaller birds such as mynas, starlings, sparrows and swallows. If birds are nesting, consider using AVEPRO Netting, Spikes, Shock Track

Very Discreet

AVEPRO Wire System has been known as one of the least visible physical deterrent systems available. Apart from AVEPRO Shock Track which is our most discreet product, the Wire System offers a low profile and virtually invisible solution. The system is ideal for retail, tourism, hospitality, office and historic buildings.

Versatile Options

AVEPRO Wire System can be supplied as straight posts or in a variety of bases for use on masonry, timber, posts, glass, poles, gutters, balustrades and the like. There is a configuration for almost every architectural situation.


The installation of AVEPRO Wire System can be complex and time consuming. Assistance and training is available on request. Each post is fastened (glued, screwed or inserted) every 1 – 1.5 meters and generally rows are spaced every 50mm (depending on the Pest bird species)

Spacing rows:

Multiple rows are required on ledges wider than 50mm. Each row of posts is positioned every 50 – 75mm. When installing multiple rows, use alternating post heights (100mm and 125mm posts) to maximise the instability for birds landing on the ledge.

AVEPRO Birdwire posts, springs, brackets, clamps

The hardware of the system is constructed from 316 Stainless Steel. For product codes, product configurations and pack sizes, see AVEPRO Wire System Catalogue (create link)

Mounting Systems

Drill and insert anchor rivet and posts

Glue on Base or post with base can be screwed or glued in place


AVEPRO Bird Wire is a very durable product. However, an annual inspection for damage is recommended. Minor maintenance may be required to ensure the product lasts for many years. Several circumstances can damage the fine wire such as larger vertebrate pests (possums and feral cats), building contractors accessing the area, falling tree limbs, extreme weather events, vandalism and other forms of physical damage. Damaged wires can be easily removed and replaced ensuring the product remains as initially installed. Wire Systems installed in Australia some decades ago are still in use thanks to occasional maintenance.