AvePro Netting

  • Durable materials
  • Improved installation time
  • Low visual impact
  • Australian design
  • Totally humane
  • Versatile components
  • Total exclusion
  • Long lasting solution
  • Suitable for all pest birds

VEPRO Netting

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AvePro Netting is a professional netting system designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand commercial buildings and industrial applications. AvePro offers building managers and professional installers a durable, long Life and low visibility range of net and hardware in a variety of colours, mesh size and net sizes. The range has been designed in Australia to offer improved installation efficiencies.

AvePro product attributes:

  • Made from high density Polyethylene twine
  • Twine is heat sealed, twisted and knotted for maximum strength and durability
  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet (U.V.) rays
  • Nearly invisible in most situations
  • Low-profile installation system
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • “Flame Free” Flame Resistant now available
  • Will not rot or absorb water
  • Protecting buildings and structures worldwide
  • Widely specified on government and historical properties
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Available in four standard sizes plus custom sizes

AvePro is attached to a 2.4mm stainless steel perimeter cable which is supported by a wide variety of intermediate fittings and corner attachments designed for masonry, sheet metal, timber or steel beams. The cable is tensioned using AvePro Lynx or traditional turnbuckles and AvePro net is attached to the cable at each mesh opening using net rings.


An exclusion zone using AvePro net is humane as the net under tension will not entangle any bird. When installed correctly, birds are totally excluded.

Strength and durability

AvePro net offers a 10 year manufacturers product replacement warranty. The product is made from high density, ultra-violet stabilized polyethylene twine (HDPE), a material that will last ten years or more if installed correctly. AvePro net is pre-stretched, heat sealed and knotted from a strong twine and is many times stronger than inferior woven, plastic nets; it will not rip apart under normal stress or sag over time.

Low visual impact

While very strong, AvePro net strands (6 ply) are actually very thin. The traditional black AvePro net absorbs light (rather than reflecting light) and is generally the least visual net to install in most cases. Coloured AvePro nets are available in white and stone (beige) can be applied to blend in with the background. However, light coloured nets reflect light and may be more visual and obvious. Coloured AVEPROs also offer reduced UV resistance and are warranted for three years only.

AVEPRO access

AvePro zippers or AvePro clips can be installed in the netting in any application to allow for access to enclosed areas, maintenance, appliance testing, changing of light-bulbs, etc.

Versatile design

AvePro net can be used in a wide variety of enclosed, semi-enclosed situations, such as roof awnings, loading and receiving docks, warehouses, courtyards, exposed ceilings, bridges, air conditioning units, signs and billboards, church steeples, ledges, parapets, balconies, alleys, aircraft hangars, patios, eaves, aquiculture ponds, vineyards and faces of entire buildings.

Comprehensive installation hardware

AvePro offers a variety of industry tough and heavy duty fixings and components – many designed in Australia for efficiency and cost saving in mind. The hardware can be applied to masonry, stone, sheet metal, steel beams, timber and brick. A strong stainless steel cable system is actually bolted or fastened securely to the building before the netting is installed. This insures a strong, solid, non-moving system that will not sag or weaken over time.